Introducing Explore

February 29, 2012

Our goal with Coursekit is to reshape education for the Internet Age. We exist to restore the sense of magic that comes with learning something new. Where does knowledge come from and how do people share it? That’s the elusive question we’re trying to answer.

In that spirit, we’re introducing ExploreExplore is about the evolving definition, process, and promise of learning. It’s a cross-disciplinary lens on what stimulates, what enriches, and what matters—an intellectual and creative incubator for cultivating your interests, and a place to discover things you didn’t know you were interested in, until you are.

Explore is edited by Maria Popova of Brain Pickings. As perhaps the web’s best curator of “interestingness,” Maria’s work embodies our ambitions. We’re absolutely delighted and honored to have her on our team.

— Joe


Welcome to Explore, a Coursekit project edited by Maria Popova.

When Benjamin Franklin founded the first subscription library in America, he had a vision for democratizing knowledge by making “the common tradesman and farmers as intelligent as most gentlemen from other countries.” Access to knowledge, he believed, was the key to creativity, innovation, and success in life. 

Today, the web is our library, with information more readily available than ever before. But finding the most interesting, most relevant, most meaningful information and synthesizing it into knowledge and insight is an increasingly challenging task, yet one of growing urgency and importance. 

Explore embodies Coursekit’s aspiration to reshape education in the Information Age and aims to distill the wealth of information available to us today – online and off – into a portal of discovery for meaningful knowledge, powered by cross-disciplinary curiosity.

From TED talks to vintage maps to psychology studies to quotes from favorite books, and just about everything in between, Explore will guide you through the landscape of the mind as we explore the evolving architecture of knowledge together. 

Enjoy and explore.

A note: We’re going to roll the current Coursekit Blog into Explore. Watch this space for updates on the adventures we’re having as a team.

(Source: explore-blog)