New Interface Improvements

November 12, 2012

Today we’re rolling out big improvements to the way your course works on Lore. The interface is becoming clearer and easier to use, all thanks to your feedback.

First, we split the Timeline into two pages: “Discussion” and “Calendar.” The new Discussion page will be similar to the old Timeline, but much less cluttered. The Calendar is where professors will post meetings, exams, and assignments so that students can see important dates quickly.

Second, we moved the navigation within a course (e.g. Discussion, Calendar, People) to the left sidebar. This makes the difference between the top-level navigation (e.g. Courses, Groups, Me) and the course-level navigation much clearer.

Calendar with new navigation:  

Third, we replaced chat with the ability to send emails from within Lore, which should save everyone a lot of time. Simply go to a student’s or professor’s profile and click the button that says “Message.”


We’re thrilled to launch these changes and hope you love them. They should make using Lore much easier and more intuitive for everyone.

We never stop thinking about how we can help improve the course experience. We’re excited to continue making progress.